Esse Probiotic Skincare

The beginning of Esse starts with science, scientist Trevor Steyn developed this wonderful brand with indigenous ingredients from South Afrika. The origin from Esse therefore starts in South Afrika. A natural and biological line that also works on the microflora of the skin. At first, probiotica proven to be a good support for the intestines, now they proven to be needed for a healty skin. Esse is working with prebiotics, these prebiotics (good bacteries) ensures a good skin flora. When the flora of the skin is in good balance, it protects your skin against the influence from the outside, that ages your skin. Esse works according to the believe nature gives us everything we need to survive. Esse contains ingredients as Baobab, Kalahari Melon, Kigelia and Marula. These plants are wild-harvested to maximise the potency of the extracts.To guarentee the maximalisation of the extracts all the ingredients are cold pressed.

Esse is certified (EcoCert) biological, vegan, crueltee free, carbon neutral and support Fair Trade.


INIKA Organic Make-Up

INIKA Organic is the most natural make-up brand in the world and is the world’s first brand that is 100% plastic neutral. INIKA originally comes from Australia and dominates the natural make-up list. INIKA Organic is plastic neutral, which means that for every kilo of plastic used, one kilo of plastic is also collected and recycled. INIKA packaging is 90%  made from sustainable and reusable materials.
INIKA Organic is:

100% plastic neutral – Plastic neutral means that for every kilo of plastic used, a kilo is collected and recycled that would otherwise not be collected.
70%+ Organic – The highest global standard for organic ingredient content for our OFC (Australian National Organic Standard) and ACO (COSMOS Organic Certified products).
100% Cruelty Free – They guarantee that no animals or territories are harmed in the making and testing of our products.
100% Vegan – The products contain no animal products or animal by-products.
100% Natural – The products are free from fillers, texturizers, synthetics and toxic chemicals.
100% Free of Microplastics – You will not find any hidden microplastic particles in INIKA and Green People products.
100% Halal – all products are alcohol-free and vegan.



Hurraw! Lipbalm

Hurraw! is a wonderfully soft lip balm of 100% natural origin, 70% organic and vegan! Hurraw! is made with the best cold-pressed oils. No colorings, flavourings, preservatives or petroleum are used.
Hurraw lip balms are free from microplastics, pfas, gluten. In addition, the brand is certified not tested on animals.
Feel the softness of the balms and let your lips shine!