Probiotic Skin Food

NIEUW! Probiotic Skin Food | +- 75 minuten | €120,-

Do you want to give your skin a boost, then this treatment soothes you the best! This treatment is suitable for every skintype but in particulair for the aging skin, eczema, acne of rosacea skin. This treatment contains live probiotics followed by a Bio Algae mask (total closure of the skin)this ensures an oxygen-free environment so that the probiotics can optimally restore the skin barrier.This treatment offers a total package with deep cleansing, bio algae mask, cupping massage and relaxation massage. The cups ensure that the production of collagen and elastin is stimulated, in combination with the mask you create a well-blooded but radiant skin.

Wat doet deze behandeling?
• Facial cleansing
• Scrub or peeling
• Epilating
• Deep cleansing
• Cupping massage of the face
• Probiotic ampul + bio algea mask
• Massage of neck, cleavage & head
• On completion serum, eye and facial creme

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